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Loft Boarding
Storage space is at a premium for the majority of UK homes, so why not utilize the space in your roof? For very little outlay, we can transform your loft space into a viable, usable space that will become a valuable asset to your home.

Loft Clearence
Do you need your loft cleared to enable you to have loft insulation?

We will arrange to visit you in your home and provide an estimate for the work. We will also be able to give you advice on a wide range of repairs.

Loft Ladders
Our durable, easy-to-use loft ladders make it easy to get up and into your loft space. We have a range of two and three section loft ladders that have interlocking sliding sections and large, flat top rungs for your comfort and safety.

Draft Proofing
If your room feels cold or draughty it could be down to draughts coming in through gaps in flooring, windows, doors or elsewhere and there are many practical steps that you can take in order to 'draught proof' your home.

Draughts are caused by cold air getting in or warm air getting out of your home and so dealing with the draughts will mean a reduction in your heating bills. Your house will feel warmer and more comfortable and temperature fluctuations will be reduced.

loft ladders
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants

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