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SOlid Wall Insulation

Solid Wall Insulation

How it works

External Wall Insulation is a form of insulation fixed to the exterior of an existing or new dwelling. The high performance insulation slab is then rendered to give a protective and decorative coating to the existing façade.

Around a third of all heat lost in an un-insulated home is lost through the walls. External wall insulation is one of the most effective ways ways to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a home.

All of the systems are designed to be virtually maintenance-free, in particular silicone finishes offer self cleansing properties. As with good normal building maintenance, checks are required on movement of joints and general building maintenance is advised to ensure longevity and performance of the system.

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Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants
Homeowners & private tenants

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